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Need a natural toothache remedy? When one of your teeth starts to ache the pain can be unbearable. I know. I've had painful toothaches before and I've been able to get rid of them using a simple technique. Here's my secret.

Oil Pulling

I've used oil pulling to cure tooth pain on many occasions. It works surprisingly well as a natural toothach remedy.

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic detoxification process. It's quite simple. All you do is swish some cold-pressed oil in your mouth for 15 minutes and spit it out. Traditionally, sesame oil is used most often, but you can also use sunflower oil or coconut oil. I've even used olive oil. They've all worked for me.

Traditionally, the instructions for oil pulling say that you should practice it first thing in the morning before you've eaten or drank anything. I'm not sure why this would be and I tend not to follow these instructions because when I have a toothache I oil pull 3 times a day--in the morning when I wake up, before lunch and before bed at night.

15 minutes can feel like it lasts forever when you're swishing around a mouthful of oil. The secret to making it more tolerable is to swish the oil around very slowly. You only need to put about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth. It will mix with your saliva and feel like it's growing. If you put too much oil in your mouth you won't be able to swish it for the full time because your mouth will get too full.

After 15 minutes spit the oil out in the toilet or sink. If you use coconut oil spit it out in the trash. Coconut oil will clog up your plumbing if you spit it in the sink or toilet. Don't swallow the oil. The oil draws toxins out of the tissues in your mouth. Swallowing it wouldn't be good. If you spit into the sink clean the sink out well afterwards. This is germ laden stuff and you don't want those germs hanging around in your sink.

When I first heard of oil pulling I thought it was a bit wacky, but I also thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. I mean it's just putting some oil in my mouth. Nobody is scamming me or anything. So I tried it and within a few days my toothache went away. Most times that I have a toothache I use this natural toothache remedy.

Salt Water Rinse

This is another natural toothache remedy that I use sometimes. I rinse my mouth with salt water. Just disolve some natural seasalt in a glass of warm water and rinse with it. When you rinse make sure to really swish it around in the area of your toothache. I don't have any exact amounts for you. I just make the water as salty as I can stand without gagging. I rinse with it for a few minutes and just spit it out in the sink. This toothache home remedy works really well and will usually stop the pain right away.

Oil of Oregano

Oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic that is used by many people as a natural toothache remedy. The oil it's self is quite strong and will burn if used undiluted. Check the product you buy to see if it is diluted. If it's not dilute it with olive oil before use. You use between 50 to 75 percent olive oil. Use a medicine dropper and put a few drops of your oil of oregano and olive oil mixture right on the tooth and let it stay there for a few minutes. You can then use the oil to brush the tooth that is in pain.

You can use undiluted wild oregano oil on your tooth, but it burns a lot and is very uncomfortable to do. It will be more powerful, but even after you rinse your mouth out it will continue to burn for about 2 minutes. If you use it undiluted be sure to only get the oil on your tooth and no other part of your mouth.

Clove Essential Oil

This is another popular natural toothache remedy. Just put a couple drops of clove oil on the tooth to numb the pain.

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