Natural Back Pain Remedies

These natural back pain remedies will help relieve your backache. The causes of back pain varies greatly. That means that no one method can be used to treat all back pain.

Backaches can result from nerve compression, slipped disc or muscle tension. What causes your pain will determine how it should be treated. If you experience severe chronic back pain you should get professional medical help.

Heat or Ice

Heat and ice are often used to treat back pain, but how do you know which one to use?

If your pain is acute you should ice on the area. Acute pain is pain that happens quickly and lasts a short amount of time. The pain is sharp and intense and is usually a result of an injury like a strain or sprain. You can ice the area for no longer than 15 minutes every hour.

If your pain is chronic you should apply heat. Chronic pain usually comes on slowly and lasts a long period of time. The pain usually quite dull. Pain becomes chronic when it lasts more than a few weeks.


If your back pain is muscular massage therapy can help relieve it. A massage therapist will assess your pain and massage the area that causes the pain.

When you're getting a massage for back pain the muscles where you are experiencing the pain aren't the only muscles causing the pain. The therapist will have to massage other areas to in order to fully relieve your pain. For example, if you have low back pain tightness in your thighs could be the source of your pain. If you have upper back pain tightness in your chest muscles could be causing your problem.

Sometimes getting a simple back rub from someone who isn't a professional massage therapist is enough to relieve your pain.

I used to be a massage therapist and have written an extensive article along with videos about how to relieve back pain. You can check the article out here.

Did you click the link? I really hope you did, because there is some seriously good info on that page. I promise.

Vitamin D

Deficiency in vitamin D can cause muscular pain. Many people don't get the vitamin D they need. Your body converts sunlight into vitamin D. Getting 30 minutes of sunlight daily will help you get the vitamin D you need. If you are of a darker complexion you'll need longer sun exposure.

You can also get vitamin D from your food. Fish is a good source of vitamin D. Taking a fermented cod liver oil will also give you a good amount of vitamin D. I recommend Green Pasture cod liver oil.

Weight Loss

Being overweight puts excess stress on your musculoskeletal system causing back pain. Loosing weight will help eliminate your back pain.

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Epsom Salts

Add Epsom salts to your bath and soak for 30 minutes. Epsom salts will help reduce inflammation and muscle tension.


Getting enough sleep will affect your back pain. It is important to get about 8 hours of sleep a night.

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