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Welcome to Natural Remedies World! This is the place to find herbal and home remedies online. If you're looking for the best natural solutions for what ails you, you've come to the right place.

I'm Lovelyn. I made this site because I'm passionate about natural health. I became interested in natural remedies when I became a massage therapist. Now that I am no longer practicing massage, I am still interested in using natural and alternative therapies to treat my family.

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Prescription drugs are advertised all over the place these days. They may seem like the best solution to your problem, but are they really? I think these drugs often treat the symptoms of your problem without really addressing the cause. They can have horrible side effects too. Using natural remedies can help you get right to the root of the problem. They may take more time and work than just taking a pill, but they may be better for your health in the long run.

Look, I'm no doctor. I'm not suggesting that you stop seeing your doctor or stop taking your medication. That could be quite dangerous--especially when treating a serious condition. I just think you should always look into the alternatives. Making wise decisions and knowing when to use conventional medicine is important. Don't risk your life for the sake of a natural remedy.

For years people used food, herbs and other natural products to treat a variety of symptoms. In the modern world we've gotten a bit out of touch. We don't seem to realize the effect of our diets on our health. We eat artificial food-like substances that don't give us the nourishment we need to be healthy.

We've also lost touch with the Mother Earth. There were lots of plants that can be used to increase your health and even treat things that went wrong with your body. Long ago these medicinal plants were commonly known but most of us have lost this knowledge. I believe that using herbs, essential oils and other alternative therapies can in most cases increase your health and quality of life.

On this site you'll find natural solutions for everything from acne to athlete's foot. Here are just a few conditions we'll cover:

  • flu
  • constipation
  • dry skin
  • hay fever
  • heartburn
  • eczema
  • jet lag
and many more.

Some conditions require more from natural remedies than just using a little homemade cream or herbal tea. You'll also be able to find natural lifestyle changes that you can make to affect conditions, such as high blood pressure. For those problems, we'll look at a variety of lifestyle changes you can make to help you feel better including vitamin d3 supplements.

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Start with the Free Home Remedies page to find great home remedies for you. If you can't find a great home remedy you know add it on the share home remedies page.

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